The Right Choice For Our Planet!

  • REAL CHRISTMAS TREES are 100% BIODEGRADABLE AND RECYCLABLE! Unlike artificial trees (that are made from petroleum-based products), Real Christmas Trees don’t contain harmful substances that use up our natural resources. They are 100% GROWN IN THE U.S.A.
  • REAL CHRISTMAS TREES are good for THE ENVIRONMENT. They help clean the air by removing carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. Ten acres of trees produces enough DAILY OXYGEN for 180 people!
  • REAL CHRISTMAS TREES are IMPORTANT TO MOTHER NATURE. They control soil erosion, protect water supplies and provide year-round habitats for wildlife! Because it takes 10 to 15 years to grow a Christmas tree, less than 10% of the total planted are harvested in any one year, leaving millions of trees growing to HELP OUR ECOLOGY. For every Christmas Tree cut in the U.S., two to three new trees are planted.