Omni Farm Testimonials

Omni Farm Testimonials

Dear Sir/Madame: All during Christmas my wife and I reveled in the glory of our Christmas tree purchased from Omni Farm. For many Christmas’ now, my wife, my children and I have enjoyed a Fraser Fir standing in the hallway of our home. The hallway has a ten foot ceiling so we have room for a big tree and each year the hunt is on to find a perfect one. Each year we have had good trees, but never a perfect tree. This Christmas, however, the perfect tree stood in our hallway and it was something to behold. This tree was a “mail-order tree” and I have to admit, when my wife placed the order, she suffered a bit of ribbing for doing so. The tree arrived on the exact date she was told it would arrive. It was obviously fresh cut as we were told and though just a little shorter than we were hoping for, the tree was perfect.

You can be assured when November comes this year, you will have a call from us and we will look forward to another “mail-order tree”.

As a footnote, for several years now, we have had what has proven to be the perfect tree stand. Not until just now, as I was glancing through your catalog, did I realize our tree stand was from your company and like the catalog says, it is, a “no problem tree stand”. Thank you for a beautiful tree.


Just a brief note to let the folks at Omni Farm know how very special your Fraser Fir is to our family each and every Christmas. We enjoy the beauty and freshness of your trees and loathe the moment when we must take it down.

Friends admire our tree and I have been more than happy to tell them from whence it came. Keep up the good work and thanks for making our Christmas special.

New York

Dear Omni Farm,

It’s hard to believe that you could send a tree that was more gorgeous than last years, but you did! We received many compliments on the tree again this year. We didn’t take it down until the 7th of January and it still smelled and looked as good as the day we put it up. From two full-fledged real tree lovers: Thank You!

Sheila & David

Dear Omni Farm,

Had to write to tell you what a beautiful tree you sent me – the best I have ever had and still beautiful!! Never have I and my family ever been so pleased with a product.

Mrs. W H

Dear Mr. Gimlin,

I don’t recall that I’ve ever written a fan letter to a business before, but I really want to tell you how pleased I was with my Christmas tree from Omni Farm. It was the freshest Christmas tree I’ve ever had, and certainly one of the prettiest. I was just delighted with it.

The tree arrived when promised, and the woman who took my order was a pleasure to deal with too. Thanks for this major contribution to our Christmas. The tree was still in good condition when I regretfully took it down! Happy New Year to you.


Dear Omni Farm Friends,

I couldn’t let the season get too far by without thanking you for again sending us two of the most beautiful trees ever. We have been getting your trees now for many years. At our house, Christmas would not be Christmas without your trees.

Taking the risk of sounding sappy, I will stop and send you pictures of our two trees of our 1995 Christmas.

We enjoy our trees longer each year because they are so fresh we just can’t take them down. I want you all to know that you are appreciated for all you do to enhance the Christmas season with your beautiful trees. Have a great New Year!

P.S. We enjoyed the little note from the school children and had fun responding.

Dear Omni Farm,

Please excuse the lateness of this letter. Regardless of the date we still feel compelled to write. This past Christmas we ordered our usual 8 ft Fraser Fir from Omni. To say that it was magnificent is an understatement. We had the most perfect and beautiful tree in the neighborhood displayed proudly through our living room window. We look forward to this season’s tree with great anticipation!

Yours truly,
Janet and Donovan

Happy Holidays!

I am submitting a snapshot of the “beautiful” Fraser Fir Christmas tree we purchased from you last year. We had also ordered a 30′ Traditional wreath and they were admired by all who visited with us during the holidays! What we like is the trees are cut and shipped so they are fresh and last long after the holidays are over. Keep up the fine work!

Mr. & Mrs. D K

Dear Omni Farm,

My husband and I have bought Christmas trees every year of our 28 year marriage. Some years we’ve even purchased two trees. Never, though, have we ever seen or purchased a tree as outstandingly beautiful as the one we bought from you this past Christmas.

I truly can not convey to you how impressed we are with the quality and unbelievable freshness of your Fraser Fir. Thank you for taking the time, money and effort to provide your customers with such a wonderful gift of nature.

Please keep us on your mailing list this coming Christmas.



Ready for an unsolicited testimonial? Upon the advice of a local friend who owns a summer home in North Carolina, I ordered my first Christmas tree from you on December 2, by telephone. Just a few days later, the UPS man staggered to my door carrying a tall narrow box which held the freshest Christmas tree I have seen since my long-past days in Connecticut. After resting in a bucket of water outside, coming into the house for decoration about a week before Christmas, and being undecorated yesterday, the tree is still fresh and fragrant on the day it will go outside for the garbageman. Everyone who saw the tree was extremely impressed with its shape and condition; I think that next year I’ll be sharing your address with a lot of friends!

Obviously I am one very satisfied customer. Please add me to your regular mailing list to that I will have current prices and information for the 1989 season. Thanks for making a difficult task (selecting and bringing home a tree that is fresh after sitting out in Houston heat) very effortless.

Sincerely yours,


Perhaps you recall the old joke that goes, “They all laughed when I sat down to play the piano but little did they know….”. Well, they all laughed when I ordered a Christmas tree by phone.

For once the tree was fresh, the needles didn’t shed and the shape was perfect. Almost as enjoyable were the comments of praise followed by expressions of disbelief by our guests when they were told it was a “mail order tree”.

So look forward to our order again next Christmas. Happy New Year!


Dear Omni Farm,

I must say that I was nervous about ordering a Christmas tree by mail, Fraser Firs are awfully hard to come by in downtown Chicago… and, Fraser Firs are the only tree to have, particularly if one hopes to actually run the train under the tree. So we threw caution to the wind, figuring that even if it were not the tree of our dreams, at least we’d be spared the annual tree hunt in the snow and sleet.

The tree arrived exactly on schedule. The UPS man was very amused at delivering a Christmas tree and stopped by a week later to have a look at it. He, and all our friends who saw it, were impressed, amazed, and envious.

In short, it is quite the loveliest tree we’ve ever had! The best, the easiest, the softest – and – we ran our train for weeks having only to pick up a few needles from the tracks.

We toasted Omni Farm with our Christmas morning-present-opening bottle of champagne. You bet we’ll do it again (and I think the UPS man will, too!)

PS: Hope you like the enclosed photo!

Dear Mr. Gimlin,

Our church has enjoyed your lovely wreath at each service through the holidays, actually since it arrived. I had bought a Poinsettia but it was quickly replaced by your wreath. Thank you so very much for sharing such beauty with us.

Board of Directors

Dear Omni Farm Mail Order Division,

Thanks for your letter and the brochures. We’re passing along the extra copy to some friends to whom we’ve sung your praises.

The wreath and garland you sent us last year decorated the door to our apartment and our balcony railing, to the oohs and aahs of many who visited us. we plan to do the same this year. What pleased us so much was that they stayed so fresh all during the holidays.

Our best wishes to all of you for a very Happy Holiday Season, too.

Yours very truly,
Eleanor and Bill

Corporate References

Dear Bob, This is the type of response the Omni wreaths elicit from our customers! Every little bit helps…my best for a very successful selling season.

Abitibi-Price Paper Corp

Dear George,

Your handsome wreath and warm holiday greetings welcomed me at home last evening. It is truly lovely and will have a special place at our house this Christmas.

Please thank Alina for us, too! Happy Holidays.


Dear Hal,

I am sorry I am so late in sending a thank you for the beautiful wreath you sent to our home. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness. The wreath was beautiful as usual, and made our entire house smell so good. It put us right into the Christmas spirit – which had been lacking due to the warm weather.

We have had wonderful notes and comments from most of those individuals who received the wreaths from the bank. All thought they were beautiful and were extremely happy to have received one.

Thank you again and best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Sincerely,
Executive with major bank in Florida

Dear Patty,

As you know, Omni Farm has been supplying Abitibi Consolidated Sales Corporation with Fraser Fir wreaths for many years, and because they are such a huge hit with our customers, the wreaths have become an Abitibi Consolidated holiday tradition.

Year after year, recipients rave about how much they appreciate and enjoy the fresh and festive wreaths, consistently delivered on a timely basis and always lasting long after the holidays are over. Quality of product, reliability of service, and excellent dollar value have made Omni Farm a valued vendor, a relationship we hope will continue for many, many years.

I’m looking forward to working with you again in a couple of months as we gear up for Christmas ’99. Until then, best personal regards.

Kerr Martin
Manager, Administrative Services
Abitibi Consolidated

Lucent has been purchasing from Omni Farm for our employees as gifts for the holidays for a number of years now. Consistently they are prompt, courteous, and always willing to answer our many questions. During the holiday season things are hectic. Omni Farm helps us keep it together.

Thank You!

Christy Otey
Administrative Associate
Lucent Technologies